Explanation about what is Domain Validation SSL

    What is domain validation SSL??: Talking about what is domain validation SSL cannot be separated from certificate authorities for commercial purposes. Such certificate authorities are commonly offers low level of security for servers. Certificate authority is the one, which issues domain validation SSL. Before it is released domain validation SSL or otherwise known as DV SSL, the certificate authority needs to confirm the domain.

    Generally, the domain contact is used as verification. Along with the domain contact, several basic questions will be asked upon the request for certificate. The procedure is often performed by using email. However, alternative method such as telephone might be used as well. After the information is complete, the request will be approved. In particular cases, there is also a potential where the request is denied. It depends on the verification result.

    what is Domain Validation SSL

    In the discussion of what is domain validation SSL, we will also discuss about the type of certification. Besides domain validation certificate, there is also extended validation certificate. Extended validation SSL certificate is considered as the highest assurance when it comes to server protection. Since the protection is higher, the price also follows its level. In other hand, domain validation SSL is cheaper. This cheap price is not only caused by the low security level, but also due to the automated procedure.

    Pros of Domain Validation Certificate

    As mentioned on the explanation about what is domain validation SSL above, the price is lower than extended certificate version. This alone is great benefit for your organization. Along with its cheap price, the certification is also relatively easy to obtain. All it takes is only small information about the server domain. Compared to self-signed certificate, which is forged by individual, the price might have some differences. In some cases, such certificate will have no cost at all. However, the service and benefit of domain validation SLL forged by certificate authority is definitely more secure.

    Besides discussing about the price and definition of what is domain validation SSL, we also need to discuss about the prevention against phishing attack. On server protected by this validation, phishing attack can be completely prevented. It happens due to the awareness level of this certification. During the validation procedure, server authentication is required. By using this information, the chance of phishing attack will be reduced. The attack will be extremely difficult and close to impossible. Owner of the server will be able to run it without any worries about this phishing attack.

    Cons of Domain Validation Certificate

    After understanding about what is domain validation SSL along with its benefit, it might be ideal if we also talk about the disadvantage of this certification. Despite being cheap and offers wide service, domain validation certificate turns out having several major disadvantages as well. This is not recommended for particular server that manages website that count on traffic. Commercial website that requires potential customers to develop is also not recommended as well. During the validation process, the company is not completely validated due to lack of server information that is not required in the first place. The customers will not get enough information related who are the people behind the website. The trust of such website will be declined.

    The explanation about the definition of what is domain validation SSL also compares it with extended validation process. From this comparison, also mention that security offered by domain validation is less secure. When running at maximum ability, it is only able to provide 128 bit of encryption. Moreover, it also has disadvantage related to the phishing attack as well. People who attack the server will be able to hide their identity on the server attacked. When such certificate is applied, the visitor will be redirected. This allows the attacker to redirect the landing page thus reducing the traffic at the same time.

    In conclusion, this protection system has several benefits that cannot be obtained from other certification forged individually. Since the validation process uses automatic system, the procedure will not take long time. The price is also cheap as well. However, the protection offered is low, particularly if compared to extended validation certificate. In this article, we already learn about what is domain validation SSL. The information comes along with pros and cons about it.

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