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Easy Tips in How to Buy SSL : Thought relatively simple

How to buy SSL ?: SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a standard protection technology for an encrypted link between browser and server. It keeps the safety of data traffic. In order to make SSL link, a web server needs SSL Certificate. As a part of steps in how to buy SSL, when you decide to start SSL on your web server, you are going to be asked to complete several questions on identity of your company and site. Your web server then generates 2 cryptographic keys: a Private Key and Public Key. » Continue reading “Easy Tips in How to Buy SSL : Thought relatively simple”

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What is Extended Validation SSL: EV SSL Certificate in Brief

Extended Validation SSL

Well, what is Extended Validation SSL? Firstly, SSL is a short form of Secure Sockets Layers, a standard security technology for an encrypted connection between browser and server. You supposed to have this connection in order to ensure all your data to be integral and private during their traffic between browsers and web server.

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Explanation about what is Domain Validation SSL

What is domain validation SSL??: Talking about what is domain validation SSL cannot be separated from certificate authorities for commercial purposes. Such certificate authorities are commonly offers low level of security for servers. Certificate authority is the one, which issues domain validation SSL. Before it is released domain validation SSL or otherwise known as DV SSL, the certificate authority needs to confirm the domain.

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