What Is an SSL Certificate? Here is the Information

What is an SSL certificate? It is one of several frequently asked questions. Generally, this certificate is referred to a system to attach cryptographic key into the detail of organization. It is mainly used to secure the connection from web server to browser used by organization. It means that the SLL Certification is able to attach both of organization identity and domain name.

What is an SSL certificate?


The indicator of activated SSL certificate can be seen from two indicators. When using the browser, the internet address turns from http into https. Besides this change, there is also a padlock icon appear on the address bar as well. When this happens, the data is secure. It is often used in social media, data transfer, as well as online transaction.

After understanding the definition of what is an SSL certificate, it is also important to know who needs it. When a particular organization want to secure the traffic that happens between web browser and web server, this certificate is required. Once the SLL certificate is installed and activated, the organization can initiate secure connection by using the browser.

What Is an SSL Certificate? Here is the Information

This is the reason why as application protocol, the http change into https. The additional s in the end refers to secure. It means that the particular web opened by the organization is completely secure. As mentioned before, during the session, a padlock will appear as well. In some cases, the padlock will also appear as green bar depending on what type of browser used.

How SLL Certification Secures the Connection?

In this article, we are not only going to talk about what is an SSL certificate, but also how it secures the connection. This particular system works by using two series of cryptographic numbers. Those random generated numbers will be able to protect the organization accounts. One of the numbers is called as public key, while the other is called as private key.

Here is simple case where those keys are needed. For example, a particular massage is sent to receiver account in the organization domain protected by SSL certificate. The sender is using public key to send the message. Meanwhile, the receiver opens the massage using private key. It means that the receiver is the only one able to opens the massage. This allows organization to protect their massage. People such as hacker will not be able to intercept the classified massage directed to the organization. Besides knowledge about what is an SLL certificate, understanding how the system works allows organization to protect their date. The analogy of sender and receiver here represents connection between organization website and server.

The Importance of SLL Certificate

As mentioned in the discussion of what is an SLL certificate, this system is connected website to server. Therefore, it is able to protect the website for hacker interference. If organization wants to expand its marketing, the certificate is also allowing the organization to make the Google ranking inclining. Most people will be able to search the website through this search engine and get it on the first page. The organization will also gain trust from the customers due to its professionalism on protecting their website. Along with these benefits, the conversion rates are also increasing as well.

Since we already discuss about what is an SLL certificate and its benefits, it might be about time to get this certificate. Certificate authority is responsible to releasing this certificate. Operating system of the browser and mobile devices are also included in the certificate authority as well. In order to implement the certificate, the root of certificate authority is needed. This is important in order to prevent any errors occurred during the operation. If this problem happens, the organization might loss the trust from its customers.

If you are looking for reliable certificate authority, look for one which as good reputation. Prioritize certificate authority that has experience of dealing with numerous operating systems and browsers. Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Java, Blackberry, and many more have acknowledge Global Sign as one of the best certificate authority. This might be a good sign for you to incorporate its service as well. That is all you need to know about the definition of what is SLL certificate, the way it works, the benefits of having one, and criteria to choose reliable certificate authority.