Brief Information of What is Organization Validation SSL

    Organization validation SSL: The discussion of what is organization validation SSL is often related to the method used to verify the identity. The process of granting certification started with request proposed by either individual or organization for certification. After certification authority receives this request, a series of verification is performed.

    The standard of verification is different depending on the individual or organization proposes the request. It means that the verification procedure is also different as well. If the request for certification is coming from a particular organization, the verification process is called as organization validation. For short, this process is also referred as OV.

    What is Organization Validation SSL

    Certification authority performs the verification because the certification is issued by it. It is a basic information need to be understand, particularly if you want to know more about what is organization validation SSL. Before the validation, an organization that requests the certification needs to be verified first. The initial verification involves asking the name of person or entity that is granted access to the websites control.

    The organization name and its current location are also required as well. In order to do so, certificate authority takes advantage of third party. The initial verification ends by confirming that the organization is indeed proposed request for certification to the certification authority.

    Talking about what is organization validation SSL cannot be separated with the next step of validation itself. After the request from organization is confirmed, certification authority also give confirmation to the organization that the request has been received and further verification step will be performed.

    The validation process is performed by visiting particular website that needs the certification. In order to validate the website, certification authority visits this website. Particular transaction data is sent to intended recipient to complete the verification process. At this rate, the validation of the website is complete. The process might seem complicated. However, it is relatively simple since most of those verifications are performed automatically.

    The Importance of Organization Validation

    After understanding about what is organization validation SSL, you might wonder why it is necessary. Previously, we already discuss that certification is needed by either individual or organization. In individual case, the validation is something logical, particularly when the website requires the visitors to login for access clearance. In order to protect the visitor login data, it needs to be encrypted. It is the part where the certificate is required. The encryption is processed after validation process is completed. After it is completed and the login data is encrypted, visitors will be granted access clearance to see the information about its certificate.

    In the previous information of what is organization validation SSL, we talk about request proposed by individual. We also need to discuss about request coming from organization. Unfortunately, some organizations that requests for certification are often decided to select domain validation instead of organization validation. If certificate authority grants the request, the visitors will not be able to see about its certificate information. Therefore, the visitors coming to the website are declining in number. It is highly not suggested, particularly for website that relies of visitors. In order to show about the website certificate, it is important to use organization validation instead.

    Benefit of using organization validation

    After wondering about what is organization validation SSL along with its importance, you might want to see the benefit of using organization validation. The certificate issued by certification authority for this particular type of validation turns out having medium level of protection for user login data. Since the protection level is medium, the price will follow this level.

    Compared to extended certificate, the certificate for organization validation is relatively cheaper. The other divergence is located on the method used to verify the organization website. In some cases where automatic validation cannot be performed, authentic government agent will do this process. Despite the validation process is performed manually, it still cheaper than extended validated certification case.


    Fortunately, organization who accidentally request for domain validation instead of organization validation can be switched. The procedure is performed by starting from the initial verification as it goes with organization that already chooses organization validation. After the certificate is completely replaced with organization validation, the organization can expect heavy visitor traffic. That is brief explanation about what is organization validation SSL along with the procedure need to be performed before granted the certificate.

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