Easy Tips in How to Buy SSL : Thought relatively simple

    How to buy SSL ?: SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a standard protection technology for an encrypted link between browser and server. It keeps the safety of data traffic. In order to make SSL link, a web server needs SSL Certificate. As a part of steps in how to buy SSL, when you decide to start SSL on your web server, you are going to be asked to complete several questions on identity of your company and site. Your web server then generates 2 cryptographic keys: a Private Key and Public Key.

    Easy Tips in How to Buy SSL

    The Public Key is no secret. It is then put into a CSR (Certificate Signing Request), a data file that has your details too. Subsequently, you should submit the CSR. Throughout the process of SSL Certificate application, the Certification Authority (CA) will authenticate your details and release SSL Certificate with your details on it. In addition, it enables you to make use of SSL. Your web server then will compare the issued SSL Certificate with your Private Key. Afterward, your web server will be able to set up an encrypted link between your customer’s or user’s web browser and the website. The following are tips of how to buy SSL.

    How to Order SSL Certificate

    Thought relatively simple, ordering an SSL certificate can be challenging for some. Then how to buy SSL? If you want to order SSL certificate and at the same time you have created your CSR and have prepared your WHOIS record, complete your company validation documents. It saves you from so many troubles. The following are steps on how to buy SSL certificate:

    • Do the preparation by getting the WHOIS record updated, getting the server ready and so forth.
    • Spawn your CSRon the server.
    • Next, submit your CSRand other information to the Certificate Authority.
    • Ask yourcompany and domain to be authenticated.
    • Obtain the issued certificate andinstall it.

    Things to Prepare Before Buying an SSL Certificate

    • A distinctive IP address

    You are going to need a separate and unique IP address for each certificate you desire to use. The reason is that this is the way the SSL Protocol is set up. If it happens that you have several sub domain on a single IP address, then you can protect them by using Wildcard SSL Certificate. On the other hand, if you have several different domain names with a single IP Address, then you can protect them by using UC Certificate. To do all of these, you should set up SSL Host Headers.

    • A CSR

    A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is a bit of text that should be generated or created on your web server previously to order SSL certificate. Subsequently, the certificate authority will use the information in CSR, such as domain name, organization/institution name, public key, etc.

    • Validation Documents

    As part of how to buy SSL, when you buy a high-assurance certificate, your business or organization should be validated as well. CA’s frequently verifies government databases online to confirm that your company is a registered one. But, they might still require you to send them a government registration document if they could not find your business. Each of the certificate authority has different validation requirements.

    • WHOIS Record with Accurate Contact Information

    When you buy a certificate for a certain domain name, the certificate authority wants to be sure that you really own the domain name you are to apply. That’s how you are approved to order the certificate. This is chiefly done by ascertaining that the WHOIS record (containing contact information related with every one of your domain names and about the ownership) matches with the address and company names that are submitted with the certificate order. To make sure that the listed contact is accurate, certain CAs will contact the phone numbers in WHOIS record and send an email to the address listed there.

    After you have done the steps, how long you will get the certificate depends on the type of certificate you want and from which CA you apply. A domain-validated certificate will be received within a couple of minutes. If you want a standard organization-validated certificate, then you can expect it within an hour to several days after you apply. That’s a brief about how to buy SSL.

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